Inge Sengelmann
As a somatic resilience educator and integrative mind-body healer, I offer a nervous system-informed, body-oriented approach to healing designed to help you gain access to your highest potential.

Because I trust in the inherent wisdom of your body, mind, and spirit, the purpose of our work together is to collaboratively help you to awaken to the power of this inner intelligence. The body—through implicit memories—contains the sum total of our life experience, most of which we cannot access with our conscious thinking brains. Working with the body (soma) and soul (psyche) in healing combines talk with innovations in mind-body integration, creative imagination, archetypes, and mystical experiences to facilitate deeper access to your whole self. My intention is to accompany you in a collaborative, receptive, and active way. Whole-body healing is a joint creative process interwoven with the polarities of serious depth and the humorous lightness of being.

I first read Dr. Peter Levine’s book, Waking the Tiger, in 2005 while working at a trauma resolution center for victims of crime in Miami. The role of the body in healing the sequalae of trauma—which manifests as behavioral, mood and autoimmune disorders—intrigued me deeply. I’m most interested in the role of extreme stress on physical and mental health, particularly medical and autoimmune syndromes, near-death experiences, and transgenerational healing. I intend to work somatically with medical syndromes and near-death experiences, including post-COVID syndrome and ICU/ventilator delirium trauma. My own personal experience with multiple physical and emotional traumas, chronic pain and illness, as well as natural and man-made disasters throughout my lifespan, inspired me to seek healing through the integration of body, mind and spirit—a state called coherence, which I experience as bliss.

I blend various modalities with the intention of restoring the natural capacity of your nervous system to move between states of stress and calm without getting “stuck.” The goal of our work would be to create more possibilities for feeling authentically alive, whole, and experiencing choice and a sense of relative safety. 

It is important to recognize that relative safety in our current environment is not universally accessible due to legacies of power and oppression. Histories of marginalization and colonization, systemic oppression such as racism, classism, ableism, and queer/trans phobia, and the continued legacies of patriarchy create conditions whereby our social and physiological survival capacities are misused to maintain oppression. I recognize that oppression is trauma and I acknowledge that we exist within a deeply ingrained cultural context of structural inequality, where all lives are not equally honored, protected, and given opportunities to thrive. This causes tremendous harm, with impacts on individual and collective well-being. I welcome honest exploration around topics of power, privilege, and culture to the extent you would like to in your healing work, and I commit to remain humble and self-reflective to undo the residue of colonization and white supremacy within me.

Post-Graduate Training
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All offerings are currently offered virtually & available globally on a Zoom platform. 

Please note that all work with me is self-paid and not covered by insurance. Because we will be free from the confinements of insurance, you will not receive a mental health diagnosis and we will tailor your healing sessions to your unique goals and experiences in a holistic way.

You can schedule a brief 15-minute initial consultation to discuss any of my services before scheduling an appointment to make sure I am the right fit for you.

None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an urgent need or a mental health crisis, please contact your local medical or psychological professional or dial 911 for assistance.