Can Emotions Lead to Enlightenment?

Emotions can be powerful in either positive or negative ways. When we try to avoid emotional experience, emotions morph into more complex bundles of beliefs, sensations and even behaviors that are increasingly difficult to untangle. Each emotion has a specific function and deserves individual attention. As a child, I felt emotions intensely. Over time, I […]

Three Pathways to Nervous System Regulation

We don’t have to wait until a crisis ends in order to relax. In fact, attending to the natural cycles of activation and de-activation in our nervous system on a daily basis increases our capacity to tolerate higher intensity, and easily return to a restful state. Doing so enhances our capacity to recover from and […]

Healing is an Embodied Communal Act

The last two years have brought us one collective challenge after another – a pandemic that continues to plague us in waves, political and civic unrest driven by extremist ideologies, random and senseless gun violence, and catastrophic weather events that make the global climate emergency a present-day reality. These realities expose how ideologies of supremacy, […]